Window Washing

Top notch window washing! Inside, outside, all sides! Clean windows is my business, and your windows are just BEGGING to be washed! I'll scrub down each and every window with my special commercial grade scrubber, squeegee off all of that dirty junk that's suffocating the light in your rooms, and carefully detail around the edge of each window with a special micro-fiber cloth! 

Screen Cleaning

In addition to washing windows, I will carefully remove each of your screens, take them outside, scrub them down, dry them off, and return each one to it's rightful place! This above and beyond service does cost a little extra, (3$ per screen to be exact) but that's because I take the time to do them right!

Window Track Cleaning

I'll brush off, wipe down, and clear out all that muck and gunk in your tracks, ensuring your windows look as good as possible! (an extra 4$ a track based on level of debris) but I know you'll agree this one's worth it!)

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Telephone: 605-233-0628